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Adept Python Linear Modules
Product Image (Adept Python Linear Modules)

Adept Python™ is a family of high-quality linear modules for assembly and material handling applications. Python linear modules incorporate unique design features making them the most robust modules for gantry or cantilever configurations.

Our exclusive manufacturing process enables Adept to provide the exact linear module system needed for your application with a very competitive delivery time.

Adept's new 3D Linear Modules Builder allows you to create a 3D model of your Python linear modules system, view and download the models for use in your design software, and submit an online RFQ. Click here to create a model and request a quotation now!

Axes 1 to 3 axes   Weight see individual single-axis modules
Stroke 100 mm to 1600 mm   Digital I/O Channels see controller, sDIO and IO Blox for details
Payload up to 160kg (single axis)   Robot Brakes Electric
Repeatability ± 0.01mm (± 0.0004 in)   Footprint see CAD files for dimensional information
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Rarely do my impulse purchases deliver any sort of return on the investment.  Even more rarely do they effectively hold my attention for longer than a day or two.  This was definitely not the case this week when I was fortunate enough to obtain Wow Wee’s new FlyTech Dragonfly through Radio Shack’s limited early release.  In fact I’m having trouble concentrating long enough to write this review as he sits next to me conveniently perched on the remote for a recharge because his LED eyes pulsate ominously during the charging process, taunting me to send him crashing into a wall with poor piloting skills.


I was definitely skeptical when it first came out of the box.  The head/body and tail are made of Styrofoam, structured around a carbon-fiber frame reminiscent of a refillable pencil lead that also supports the ultra-light dual wing design (easily replaceable, an extra set of wings comes with the Dragonfly).  I really didn’t expect to get this thing out of the box without breaking it.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  This thing can take a beating like a UFC champion.  It has bested every wall in the house, the corner of the piano, the flat screen, the fireplace insert, ill-advised catching attempts by a five year old (who can already fly it better than me if you are wondering about ease of use), multiple swatting attempts by unsuspecting visitors and three flights of stairs without the engineered grace of a slinky.  Overall I give it an A+ for durability.


The assembly was as easy as screwing in the antenna and inserting the required 6 AA batteries in the remote.  An optional stabilizing ribbon (included) can be clipped to the end of the tail to slow speeds and is recommended for beginning flight practice.  The small charging cord conveniently stores in a compartment at the top end of the remote but can be a bit difficult to retrieve.  The controller has a “beginner” setting for broad turns and “expert” for tighter turns and more maneuverability.  There is also a trim dial to compensate for tail drifting.  Other than that, it’s just your basic left toggle for power and right toggle for direction.


The remarkably light weight and uber durable Dragonfly is marketed as an indoor / outdoor flyer, but seemingly requires an ample amount of space to master indoor use (at least for me thus far) and minimal wind interference (recommended 4mph or less) when flying outside.  The remote range is listed at 50 feet for outdoor flights, but I won’t be able to attest to that until the spring.  The rechargeable lithium battery in the life-like looking and sounding bug has a 20 minute charge time and provides up to 10 minutes of flight time. 


Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the Dragonfly.  I was impressed beyond all expectations with its functionality and shocked at the affordable price (under 50 bucks).  Unfortunately the aforementioned 5yr. old (recommended for 8+) is not as happy with it because it no longer belongs to him…now he’s going to have to wait until they’re back in stock sometime in April.  Wow Wee has done it again!

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SR04 Mobile Robot by David P. Anderson  

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For many centuries man has been travelling over the worlds seas at ever increasing speeds. New generations of ships are often faster than the ones they replace. New technologies were introduced in order to make the speed increase possible. Conventional displacement monohulls could no longer keep up and multihulls and planing hulls were introduced. Even higher speeds were achieved with hydrofoils and air cushion vehicles. The practical maximum speed of all marine craft mentioned so far lies around 100 km/h. The drawback of the recent trend for high speed marine craft is the increased power requirement and fuel consumption. It is very unlikely that any "conventional" marine craft will be able to operate at much higher speeds with acceptable fuel efficiency.

Displacement monohull


Planing monohull

The excessive power requirement of high speed marine craft is mainly caused by viscous drag, well over 50% of the drag is caused by water friction. The obvious solution is to minimise water contact. This approach works for hydrofoils, hovercraft and SES's. The speed of a hovercraft is bounded by the sea state and longitudinal stability considerations and the speed of a hydrofoil by cavitation of the foils.

Surface effect ships

Hydrofoil boat


The ultimate low-drag marine craft would be a boat without water contact, a hovercraft without a fan: a WIG boat. A WIG boat is a boat with wings that cruises just above the water surface, it is floating on a cushion of relatively high-pressure air between its wing and the water surface. This cushion is created by the aerodynamic interaction between the wing and the surface, called ground effect. This is where a WIG boat is different from an aircraft, it cannot operate without ground effect, so its operating height is limited relative to its size.

WIG boat VT-01 in extreme ground effect

Two Russian Orlyonok WIG boats in ground effect cruise

WIG is an abbreviation of Wing In Ground-effect. A WIG boat can be seen as a crossover between a hovercraft and an aircraft. It flies just above the surface, usually the water surface, therefore others use the term WISE or WISES (Wing In Surface Effect Ship). The Russians use the word Ekranoplan (Ekran = screen, plan = plane), which is also commonly used in other languages nowadays. Some other terms are commonly used in literature.

A hovercraft is floating on a cushion of air that is created by a fan that blows in a cavity under its hull. The cavity is bounded by so called skirts, rubber balloons that restrict air leakage and more or less seal the cavity. The air cushion reduces the friction drag of the hovercraft with the water which would make it a very efficient vehicle if is wasn't for the fan that creates the cushion. A WIG craft also sits on a cushion of air, but this cushion is created by aerodynamics rather than by an engine. This means that it only exists when the WIG craft has sufficient forward speed. This is called a dynamic air cushion as opposed to the hovercrafts static air cushion. You can compare this to the relation aircraft-helicopter, the aircrafts wings generate lift because of their forward speed, whereas the helicopters rotor has work continuously for generating lift. A more indepth explanation of ground effect aerodynamics can be found in the aerodynamics section.

The Volga-2, an ekranoplan (PAR-WIG)

A WIG boat is especially designed to take advantage of the benefits of ground effect. Therefore it will always fly close to the surface. Although it is called ground effect, most WIG vehicles only operate over water, but some are amphibious. Some WIG vehicles have the ability to fly without ground effect as well, but inefficiently as compared to aircraft. Some aircraft are designed to use the ground effect only for take off, such as the VVA-14.

WIG boats have been around for decades, more about their background can be found in the history section. In the past 40 years a large number of different WIG craft have been designed and built, some of which are currently or will soon be commercially available.

In the Encyclopedia of WIG boats most known WIG boats are listed. Looking at all those designs it is remarkable how different they all are. However, when looked at in more detail one can recognise some recurrent concepts which all have their specific qualities. Many recent designs are based on the Lippisch or PAR-WIG design concept.

The Hoverwing, a Lippisch-based design

Despite more than 4 decades of development apparently WIG craft have not reached maturity since they are not widely in use yet. Only recently the step towards commercial application has been considered by some companies. Perhaps the most important reason for this is the fact that especially in the former USSR, where ground effect technology was the most advanced, the Ekranoplan programme was highly secret. In the years before perestroyka it was even forbidden to use the word Ekranoplan.

Apart from this there are a few other reasons for the slow development of this technology. The main problem is getting out of the water, since the required power for take-off is a number of times higher than that required for cruising. This is due to the high drag in the water just before leaving the water surface, also called "hump drag". Flying boats and seaplanes experience the same hump drag at take-off, but they can utilise the excess power to achieve a higher top speed, which is generally not possible for WIG boats due to longitudinal stability issues.

Another limitation for WIG development is size. A WIG craft that fulfills all efficiency expectations would be extremely big, hundreds, maybe thousands of tonnes. Only at this size the relative height will be sufficienly small to be more efficient than for example a 747 on a trans-Atlantic route and still be clear of the waves. It may be clear that the investors for a project to develop a craft this size will not be easy to find if the technology has not proven itself first on smaller designs.

Those smaller designs are not only important for proving technology, but will also initiate rules for certification and build up operational experience. Time will tell if small WIG craft are (commercially) attractive enough to be developed as the predecessors for the ocean liners of the future.

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«منم کوروش، شاه جهان، شاه بزرگ، شاه دادگر، شاه بابل، شاه سومر و اکد، شاه جهان. پسر کمبوجیه، شاه بزرگ ... آنگاه که بدون جنگ و پیکار وارد بابل شدم، همه مردم گامهای مرا با شادمانی پذیرفتند. در بارگاه پادشاهان بابل بر تخت شهریاری نشستم، مردوک (مردوخ = خدای بابلیان)، دلهای پاک مردم بابل را متوجه من کرد. ... زیرا من او را ارجمند و گرامی داشتم. ارتش بزرگ من به آرامی وارد بابل شد. نگذاشتم رنج و آزاری به مردم این شهر و این سرزمین وارد آید. برده داری را بر انداختم، به بدبختی‌های آنان پایان بخشیدم. ... من فرمان دادم که هیچکس اهالی شهر را از هستی ساقط نکند. فرمان دادم که همه مردم در پرستش خدای خود آزاد باشند و کسی آنان را نیازارند. خدای بزرگ از کردار من خشنود شد ... او برکت و مهربانیش را ارزانی داشت. ما همگی شادمانه و در صلح و آشتی مقام بلندش را ستودیم ... من همه شهرهایی را که ویران شده بود از نو ساختم. فرمان دادم تمام نیایشگاه‌هایی را که بسته شده بود، بگشایند. همه مردمانی را که پراکنده و آواره شده بودند، به سرزمین خود برگرداندم و خانه¬های ویران آنان را آباد کردم، باشد که دلها شاد گردد و هر روز در پیشگاه خدای بزرگ، برایم زندگانی بلند خواستار باشند ... من برای همه مردم جامعه‌ای آرام مهیا ساختم و صلح و آرامش را به تمامی مردم اعطا کردم. من به تمام سنتها، و ادیان بابل و اکد و سایر کشورهای زیر فرمانم احترام می‌گذارم. همه¬ی مردم در سرزمینهای زیر فرمان من در انتخاب دین، کار و محل زندگی آزادند. تا زمانی که من زنده¬ام هیچکس اجازه ندارد اموال ودارایی¬های دیگری را با زور تصاحب کند. اجازه نخواهم داد کسی دیگری را مجبور به انجام کار بدون دریافت مزد کند. هیچکس نباید به خاطر جرمی که اقوام یا بستگان او مرتکب شده‌اند تنبیه شود. من جلوی برده¬داری و برده¬فروشی از زن و مرد را می¬گیرم و کارکنان دولت من نیز چنین کنند تا زمانیکه این سنت زشت از روی زمین برچیده شود. شهرهای ویران شده در آنسوی دجله و عبادتگاه¬های آنها را خواهم ساخت تا ساکنین آنجا که به بردگی به بابل آورده شده‌اند بتوانند به خانه و سرزمین خود بازگردند....»

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BT136    ......... triacs
ISD2560  ......... speech player
LT1013   ......... WHISTLE DETECTOR

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لطفا اين متن را تا آخر بخوانيد

همه ميدانيم که چه بخواهيم و چه نخواهيم ، چه دوست داشته باشيم يا فراری باشيم ، خوب باشيم يا بد و حتی در تعارفات بگوئيم زبانم لال ، خدا نکند و يا بعد از 120 سال ....... باز هم مرگ و سفری حتمی را در پيش رو داريم که ثانيه ای تاخير نخواهد داشت ، عزيزترين کسانمان پيکر بی جان ما را بر دوش ميگيرند و با دستان خود بر روی بدن ما خاک ميريزند و به دنبال زندگی خود می روند و مدتی بعد هيچ چيزی از اين بدن باقی نمي ماند  و همه پوسيده ، خوراک حشرات شده و با خاک يکسان ميگردد

اما آيا ميدانيد با اهداء عضو آنهم پس از مرگ ( در صورت مرگ مغزی ) ميتوانيد تا بيش از 50 نفر را نجات داده و يا بهبود ببخشيد ، حس قشنگی که پوچی و حس بی خاصيت بودن را از انسان ميگيرد و به خود ميگويد حتی اگر من مُردم ، باز هم قلبم در سينه ای مي تپد ، چشمهايم مي بيند ، خونم در رگهای بسياری جريان دارد و و بدنم نمرده است ،  کودکی بی مادر و يتيم نميشود که چه سخت است يتيمی ، پدری دامادی پسرش را ميبيند و ديگر جوانی بخاطر بيماری و فقر ، عشقش را تنها نميگذارد و ....... و آری ، من نجات دهنده همه اينها بودم

به همين خاطر از شما که قلبی چون آئينه داريد ميخواهيم که در اين امر خير سهيم باشيد و با پر کردن فرمی که در آدرس زير ( سايت ايران اهداء ) است پس از مرگ ، نجات دهنده انسانهای بيشماری باشيم

شرايط :

1- اين اهدا فقط پس از مرگ و در صورت مرگ مغزی انجام پذير خواهد بود

2 - اين عمل فقط با نيت خالص و برای رضای خدا انجام مي پذيرد و هيچگونه درآمدی برای اهدا کننده و هيچگونه هزينه ای برای دريافت کننده عضو ندارد

3- لطفا پس از ثبت نام و شرکت در اين امر خير ، اطرافيان خود را هم از اين تصميم مطلع سازيد تا ضمن تشويق آنان در اين امرخير ، بعدها از لحاظ اهدای عضو مشکلی پيش نيايد

لينک ثبت نام : http://www.iran-ehda.com/signin/signup.asp

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اینم از لینک دانلود  

Borland C++ BuilderX۶


Serial number: 88XE-WB26KD-C?DHGK-CAWP
Authorization key: G9G-BWE

Borland C++ BuilderX۴


Borland C++ BuilderX۵




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اینم از دانشجویان عزیز
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شیخ اجل٬سعدی٬می فرماید:

گوش تواند كه همه عمر وى                نشنود آواز دف و چنگ ونى

ديده شكيبد زتماشاى باغ                     بى گل و نسرين به سر آرد دماغ

گر نبود بالش آكنده پر                       خواب توان كرد حجر زير سر

ور نبود دلبر هم خوابه پيش                دست توان كرد در آغوش خويش

وين شكم بى هنر پيچ پيچ                   صبر ندارد كه بسازد به هيچ


شيخ بهائى در جواب سعدی می گويد:


گر نبود خنگ مطلى لگام                           زد بتوان بر قدم خويش گام

ور نبود مشربه از رز ناب                         با دو كف دست توان خورد آب

ور نبود بر سر خوان آن و اين                    هم بتوان ساخت به نان جوين

ورنبود جامه اطلس تو را                          دلق كهن ساتر تن بس تو را

شانه عاج ار نبود بهر ريش                       شانه توان كرد به انگشت خويش

جمله كه بينى همه دارد عوض                   وز عوضش گشته ميسر غرض

آنچه ندارد عوض اى هوشيار                    عمر عزيز است غنيمت شمار

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توليد به روش هاب

يكي از وسيعترين روش هاي برش چرخدنده است كه شبيه به روش چرخدنده شانهاي است بجز اين كه چرخدنده شانه اي به فرم چرخدنده مارپيچ است برش مركزي هاب منطبق بر چرخدنده حلزوني و چرخدنده اي كه ترا شيده مي شود است. تفاوت در برش محوري رزوه هاست يا شيار در چندين مكان كه باعث برش لبه ها مي شود .
اين ترتيب و نظم بي درنگ يك چرخدنده شانه اي نامحدود را ايجاد مي كند كه بصورت يكنواخت و دائمي برش مي دهد.
براي توليد عرض كامل چرخدنده،هاب به ارامي درحالي كه ميچرخد روي مقطع چرخدنده حركت عرضي انجام مي دهد بنابراين هاب حركت چرخشي ساده و يك سويه  در جهت قائم دارداين حركت باعث دقت بالايي در فرايند مي شود.
مزيت ديگر هاب اين است كه مي تواند روي محور دهانه دندانه بچرخد و اين به ما اين امكان را مي دهد كه چرخدنده اي مارپيچ را با هر زاويه توليد كنيم.
با رعايت دقت توليد چرخدنده نياز به پرداخت نخواهد داشت .
+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه شانزدهم بهمن 1385ساعت 10:22  توسط امید سروی | 
+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه شانزدهم بهمن 1385ساعت 10:8  توسط امید سروی | 
اینم یک نانو چرخدنده


توليد دندانه چرخدنده :

ماشين كاري مهمترين روش توليد چرخدنده است اين روش براي ظرافتهاي زياد در توليد كم وزياد استفاده مي شود.

توليد چرخدنده به روش چرخدنده شانه اي:

اين روش از روشهاي پايه براي توليد اينولوت چرخدنده هاست چرخدنده هاي شانهاي برنده ،مقطع دندانه هاي مزدوج روي دهانه چرخدنده شانهاي توليد مي كنند و فاصله دهانه  دندانه ها وابسته به سرعت مكانيزم در روش ماشين كاري است برش لبه ها بوسيله چرخدنده شانه اي دندانه هاي مزدوج را در دهانهچرخدنده توليد مكند اشكال مهم اين روش اين است كه چرخدنده شانهاي داراي محدوديت طولي است كه منجر به برش تكه تكه و پريوديك مي شود كه اين اشكال ، سرعت و دقت را پايين مي آورد.


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 یک سری کلید های ترکیب از تری دی مکس

Shortcut Set: MaxKeys

---------- Main U.I. ----------

Activate Grid Object 
Activate Home Grid 
Adaptive Degradation (toggle) O
Adaptive Perspective Grid Toggle Shift+Ctrl+A
Additional Help 
Align Grid to View 
Align Alt+A
Angle Snap (toggle) A
Animation Mode (toggle) N
Apply Inverse Kinematics 
Backface Cull (toggle) 
Background Lock (toggle) Alt+Ctrl+B
Backup Time One Unit ,
Bind Space Warp Mode 
Box Mode (toggle) 
Center Point Cycle 
Change to Back View K
Change to Bottom View B
Change to Camera View C
Change to Front View F
Change to Grid View 
Change to Isometric User View U
Change to Left View L
Change to Perspective User View P
Change to Right View R
Change to Shape Viewport 
Change to Spot/Directional Light View Shift+4
Change to Top View T
Change to Track View E
Configure Paths 
Connect to Support 
Controller Defaults Dialog 
Create Command Mode 
Create Position Lock Key 
Create Rotation Lock Key 
Cross Hair Cursor (toggle) 
Cycle Selection Method Ctrl+F
Cycle Subobject Level Insert
Cycle Through Scale Modes 
Cycle Through Snaps Alt+Space
Deactivate All Maps 
Default Lighting (toggle) Ctrl+L
Delete Schematic View 
Delete Trackview 
Disable Scene Redraw (toggle) 
Disable Viewport D
Display Background (toggle) 
Display Cameras (toggle) Shift+C
Display Command Mode 
Display Edges Only (toggle) Ctrl+E
Display First Tab Alt+1
Display Floater 
Display Geometry (toggle) Shift+O
Display Grids (toggle) G
Display Helpers (toggle) Shift+H
Display Lights (toggle) Shift+L
Display Particle Systems (toggle) Shift+P
Display Safeframes (toggle) Shift+F
Display Select-By-Name Dialog H
Display Shapes (toggle) 
Display Space Warps (toggle) Shift+W
Display Trajectories (toggle) 
Display Vertices (toggle) 
Display Viewport Tooltips (toggle) 
Dolly Mode 
Dual Planes (toggle) 
Edged Faces (toggle) F4
Edit Modifier Stack 
Edit Named Selections 
Environment Dialog 
Expert Mode (toggle) Ctrl+X
Export File 
Export Selected 
Fetch Alt+Ctrl+F
Field-of-View Mode 
File Properties 
File Properties 
File Replace 
Forward Time One Unit .
Freeze By Hit 
Freeze By Name 
Freeze Selection 6
Freeze Unselected 
Full Interactivity (toggle) 
Go to End Frame End
Go to Start Frame Home
Grid and Snap Settings 
Grid Display All (toggle) Shift+G
Group Attach 
Group Close 
Group Detach 
Group Open 
Help Menu About Box 
Hide By Hit 
Hide By Name 
Hide Command Panel (toggle) 3, Q
Hide Floating Toolbars (toggle) 4
Hide Frozen Objects (toggle) 
Hide Main Toolbar (toggle) Alt+6
Hide Selection 
Hide Tab Panel (toggle) Y, 2
Hide Unselected 
Hierarchy Command Mode 
Hold Alt+Ctrl+H
Ignore Extents (toggle) 
IK Terminator (toggle) 
Import File 
Insert Tracks 
Interactive Pan I
Interactive Pitch Down Big 
Interactive Pitch Down Small 
Interactive Pitch Up Big 
Interactive Pitch Up Small 
Interactive Roll CCW Big 
Interactive Roll CCW Small 
Interactive Roll CW Big 
Interactive Roll CW Small 
Interactive Yaw CCW Big 
Interactive Yaw CCW Small 
Interactive Yaw CW Big 
Interactive Yaw CW Small 
Interactive Zoom In [
Interactive Zoom Out ]
Inverse Kinematics Mode (toggle) 
Learning MAX 
Link Mode 
Load Custom UI 
Lock User Interface (toggle) Alt+0
MacroRecorder Enable 
Make Preview 
Match Camera To View Ctrl+C
Material Editor M
Material/Map Browser 
Maximize View (toggle) W
MAXScript Listener F11
MAXScript Reference 
Merge Animation 
Merge File 
Middle Mouse Button (toggle) 
Modify Command Mode 
Motion Command Mode 
Move Mode 
New Scene Ctrl+N
New Schematic View 
New Script 
New Trackview 
Next Modifier 
Next/Previous Key Mode (toggle) 
Normal Align  Alt+N
Nudge Grid Down Grey -
Nudge Grid Up Grey +
NURBS Shaded Lattice Toggle Alt+L, Ctrl+4
NURBS Tessellation Preset 1 Ctrl+1
NURBS Tessellation Preset 2 Ctrl+2
NURBS Tessellation Preset 3 Ctrl+3
Offset Snap Alt+Ctrl+Space
Online Reference 
Open File Ctrl+O
Open Script 
Pan Camera Mode 
Pan Non-Camera View Mode 
Pan View Ctrl+P
Percent Snap (toggle) Shift+Ctrl+P
Perspective Mode 
Place Highlight Ctrl+H
Play Animation /
Plug-in Keyboard Shortcut Toggle 
Previous Modifier 
Quick Render Shift+Q
RAM Player 
Redo Scene Operation Ctrl+A
Redo Viewport Operation Shift+A
Redraw All Views 1
Remove Named Selections 
Rename Preview 
Render Effects 
Render Last Shift+E, F9
Render Scene Shift+R, F10
Reset Background Transform 
Reset File 
Restore Active View 
Restrict Direction Cycle 
Restrict Plane Cycle F8
Restrict to X F5
Restrict to Y F6
Restrict to Z F7
Revert to Startup UI 
Roll Mode 
Rotate Mode 
Rotate View Mode Ctrl+R, V
Run Script 
Save Active View 
Save Custom UI As 
Save Custom UI 
Save File As 
Save File Ctrl+S
Save Selected 
Scale Mode 
Schematic View 
See-Through Display (toggle) Alt+X
Select All 
Select Ancestor PageUp
Select By Color 
Select Children PageDown
Select Invert 
Select Mode 
Select None 
Selection Bracket Display (toggle) 
Selection Floater 
Selection Lock (toggle) Space
Shade Selected Faces (toggle) F2
Shade-Selected Mode (toggle) 
Show Axis Icon (toggle) 
Show Dependencies 
Show Ghosting (toggle) 
Show Home Grid 
Show Key Times (toggle) 
Show Last Rendering Ctrl+I
SMPTE / Frames (toggle) 
Snap (toggle) S
Sound (toggle) \
Spacing Tool Shift+I
Spinner Drag Update Toggle 
Spinner Snap (toggle) 
SubObject Selection (toggle) Ctrl+B
Summary Info 
Texture Correction Ctrl+T
Time Configuration 
Time Slider Capture (toggle) 
Track View 
TrackBar (toggle) 
Transform Gizmo (toggle) X
Transform Gizmo Center (toggle) 
Transform Gizmo Labels (toggle) 
Transform Gizmo Planes (toggle) 
Transform Gizmo Size - -
Transform Gizmo Size + =
Transform Type-In F12
Truck Mode 
Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z
Undo Viewport Operation Shift+Z
Unfreeze All 7
Unfreeze by Hit 
Unfreeze by Name 
Unhide All 
Unhide by Name 5
Unit Setup 
Unlink Mode 
Update Background Image Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B
Utility Command Mode 
Video Post 
View File 
View Preview 
Viewport Background Alt+B
Viewport Box Mode (toggle) Shift+B
Viewport Clipping 
Viewport Configuration 
Virtual Viewport (toggle) NumPad 1
Virtual Viewport Pan Down NumPad 2
Virtual Viewport Pan Left NumPad 4
Virtual Viewport Pan Right NumPad 6
Virtual Viewport Pan Up NumPad 8
Virtual Viewport Zoom In NumPad 7
Virtual Viewport Zoom Out NumPad 9
Window/Crossing (toggle) 
Wireframe / Facet All (toggle) 
Wireframe / Facet Shading (toggle) 
Wireframe / Smooth Shading (toggle) 
Wireframe / Smooth+Highlights (toggle) F3
Wireframe / Smooth+Highlights All (toggle) 
XRef Objects 
XRef Scenes 
Zoom All Mode 
Zoom Extents All Shift+Ctrl+Z
Zoom Extents Selected All 
Zoom Extents Selected 
Zoom Extents Alt+Ctrl+Z
Zoom In 2X All 
Zoom In 2X Shift+Grey +
Zoom Mode Z
Zoom Out 2X All 
Zoom Out 2X Shift+Grey -
Zoom Region Mode Ctrl+W

---------- Track View ----------

Access Hierarchy Select Name Field 
Access Time Field 
Access Track Name Field 
Access Value Field 
Add Keys A
Add Note Track 
Add Visibility Track 
Align Keys 
Apply Ease Curve 
Apply Multiplier Curve 
Assign Controller 
Backup Time One Unit ,
Copy Controller 
Copy Time 
Cut Time 
Delete Ease/Multiplier Curve 
Delete Note Track 
Delete Visibility Track 
Ease Curve Out-of-Range Types 
Ease/Multiplier Curve Enable Toggle 
Edit Keys Mode E
Edit Ranges Mode F3
Edit Time Mode F2
Exclude Left End Point Toggle 
Exclude Right End Point Toggle 
Expand Object Toggle O
Expand Track Toggle 
, T
Forward Time One Unit .
Freeze Nonselected Curves 
Function Curves Mode F5, F
Insert Time 
Lock Selection Space
Lock Tangents Toggle 
Make Controller Unique 
Modify Subtree Toggle 
Move Highlight Down Down Arrow
Move Highlight Up Up Arrow
Move Keys Horizontal 
Move Keys Vertical 
Move Keys 
Move Object Down 
Move Object Up 
Multiplier Curve Out-of-Range Types 
Nudge Keys Left Left Arrow
Nudge Keys Right Right Arrow
Parameter Curve Out-of-Range Types 
Paste Controller 
Paste Time 
Play Animation 
Position Ranges Mode F4
Quick Render 
Redo Scene Operation Ctrl+A
Reduce Keys 
Render Last F9
Render Scene F10
Reverse Time 
Scale Keys/Time 
Scale Values 
Scroll Down Ctrl+Down Arrow
Scroll Up Ctrl+Up Arrow
Select Time 
Show Selected Key Stats 
Show Tangents Toggle 
Slide Keys 
Snap Frames 
Track View Utilities 
Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z
Zoom Horizontal Extents Keys 
Zoom Horizontal Extents 
Zoom Region 
Zoom Selected Object 
Zoom Time 
Zoom Value Extents 
Zoom Values 

---------- Material Editor ----------

Access Editable Name Field 
Assign Material to Selection 
Backup Time One Unit 
Change Material/Map Type 
Copy/Rotate Drag Mode Toggle 
Custom Background Toggle 
Cycle 3X2, 5X3, 6X4 Sample Slots 
Forward Time One Unit 
Get Material  
Go Backward to Sibling 
Go Forward to Sibling 
Go to Parent 
Launch Magnify Window 
Make Material Copy 
Make Preview 
Manual Update Toggle 
Pick Material from Object 
Play Animation 
Put Material to Scene 
Put to Library 
Quick Render 
Redo Scene Operation 
Render Last F9
Render Map 
Render Scene F10
Reset Sample Slot Rotation 
Save Preview 
Select by Material 
Show End Result 
Show Map in Viewport 
Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z
Update Active Material 
Video Color Check 
View Preview 

---------- Schematic View ----------

Access Schematic View Name Field 
Access Select Name Field 
Backup Time One Unit ,
Bring Selection In 
Deselect Children 
Edit Properties 
Forward Time One Unit .
Hide Downstream 
Hide Selected 
Hide Upstream 
Hierarchy Mode 
Invert Selected Nodes 
Move Selection Out 
Play Animation 
Quick Render 
Redo Scene Operation Ctrl+A
Reference Mode 
Render Last 
Render Scene 
Select All Nodes 
Select Children 
Select None 
Show All 
Show Downstream 
Show Upstream 
Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z
Unlink Selected 
Use Link Tool 
Use Pan Tool 
Use Select Tool 
Use Zoom Region Tool 
Use Zoom Tool 
Zoom Extents 
Zoom Selected Extents 
Zoom Selected Viewport Objects 

---------- Video Post ----------

Abut Selected 
Add External Event 
Add Image Filter Event Ctrl+F
Add Image Input Event Ctrl+I
Add Image Layer Event Ctrl+L
Add Image Output Event Ctrl+O
Add Loop Event 
Add New Event Ctrl+A
Add Scene Event Ctrl+S
Align Selected Left 
Align Selected Right 
Backup Time One Unit 
Edit Current Event Ctrl+E
Edit Range Bar 
Execute Sequence Ctrl+R
Forward Time One Unit 
Make Selected Same Size 
New Sequence Ctrl+N
Open Sequence 
Play Animation 
Quick Render 
Redo Scene Operation 
Render Last 
Render Scene 
Save Sequence 
Swap Events 
Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z
Zoom Extents 
Zoom Region 
Zoom Time 

---------- NURBS ----------

Break Both 
Break Column 
Break Curve 
Break Row 
Create 1-Rail Sweep 
Create 2-Rail Sweep 
Create a Multicurve Trimmed Surface 
Create a Multisided Blend Surface 
Create Blend Curve 
Create Blend Surface 
Create Cap Surface 
Create Chamfer Curve 
Create Curve Point 
Create Curve-Curve Point 
Create CV Curve on Surface 
Create CV Curve 
Create CV Surface 
Create Extrude Surface 
Create Fillet Curve 
Create Fillet Surface 
Create Fit Curve 
Create Lathe Surface 
Create Mirror Curve 
Create Mirror Surface 
Create Normal Projected Curve 
Create Offset Curve 
Create Offset Point 
Create Offset Surface 
Create Point Curve on Surface 
Create Point Curve 
Create Point Surface 
Create Point 
Create Ruled Surface 
Create Surf Point 
Create Surface Edge Curve 
Create Surface Offset Curve 
Create Surface-Curve Point 
Create Surface-Surface Intersection Curve 
Create Transform Curve 
Create Transform Surface 
Create U Iso Curve 
Create U Loft Surface 
Create UV Loft Surface 
Create V Iso Curve 
Create Vector Projected Curve 
CV Constrained Normal Move Alt+N
CV Constrained U Move Alt+U
CV Constrained V Move Alt+V
Display Curves Shift+Ctrl+C
Display Dependents Ctrl+D
Display Lattices Ctrl+L
Display Shaded Lattice Alt+L
Display Surfaces Shift+Ctrl+S
Display Toolbox Ctrl+T
Display Trims Shift+Ctrl+T
Extend CV Curve 
Extend Point Curve 
Extend Surface 
Fuse Curve CVs 
Fuse Points 
Fuse Surface CVs 
Insert CV Both 
Insert CV Colunm 
Insert CV In Curve 
Insert CV Row 
Join Curves 
Join Surfaces 
Local Select Sub-Object By Name Ctrl+H
Lock 2D Selection Space
Make First 
Refine CV Both 
Refine CV Column 
Refine CV Curve 
Refine CV Row 
Refine Point Both 
Refine Point Column 
Refine Point Curve 
Refine Point Row 
Select Next in U Ctrl+Right Arrow
Select Next in V Ctrl+Up Arrow
Select Previous in U Ctrl+Left Arrow
Select Previous in V Ctrl+Down Arrow
Select Sub-Object By Name H
Set Custom Tessellation Alt+4
Set Tessellation Preset 1 Alt+1
Set Tessellation Preset 2 Alt+2
Set Tessellation Preset 3 Alt+3
Soft Selection Ctrl+S
Switch To Curve CV Level Alt+Shift+Z
Switch To Curve Level Alt+Shift+C
Switch To Imports Level Alt+Shift+I
Switch To Point Level Alt+Shift+P
Switch To Surface CV Level Alt+Shift+V
Switch To Surface Level Alt+Shift+S
Switch To Top Level Alt+Shift+T
Transform Degrade Ctrl+X

---------- Edit/Editable Mesh ----------

Attach Mode Shift+A
Auto Edge Shift+V
Auto Smooth A
Bevel Mode Shift+B
Break Vertices B
Collapse L
Create Mode C
Cut Mode Shift+C
Delete Isolated Vertices R
Detach T
Divide Mode D
Edge Invisible I
Edge Level 2
Edge Turn Shift+T
Edge Visible V
Element Level 5
Explode X
Extrude Mode E
Face Level 3
Flip Normals F
Hide Selected H
Ignore Backfacing in Selections Ctrl+B
Ignore Visible Edges (for Polygons) Ctrl+I
Next Subobject Level +
Object Level 6
Polygon Level 4
Previous Subobject Level -
Select By Vertex Toggle Ctrl+V
Select Open Edges O
Show Normals N
Slice Plane S
Slice Shift+S
Soft Selection Affect Backfacing Ctrl+F
Soft Selection Ctrl+S
Unhide All U
Unify Normals Shift+F
Vertex Level 1
Weld Selected W

---------- FFD ----------

Switch To Control Point Level Alt+Shift+C
Switch To Lattice Level Alt+Shift+L
Switch To Set Volume Level Alt+Shift+S
Switch To Top Level Alt+Shift+T

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